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"Instead of concentrating on what is lacking in emotional relationship, if we focus on what can we gain out of it then probably any relationship can take breath more healthy and securely"

KEY 2 KAAJAL is my new connect with my loved ones.

I always felt that my readers, my favorite people should be able to reach me as and when they wish to…

It has always been the other way round… I write every week. Reach my reader – with my thoughts at my time with my comfort and connect… This is my
readers’ convenience! My listeners’ convenience!

Anyone, who is a lover of good thought. Anyone who enjoys reading Gujarati Language or listening to my talk should be able to meet me, talk to me or can
write to me on this App. I am not a rebel, neither I am here to provoke. I definitely wish lot of things should change around us. I wish to be the change. I wish to
bring in fresh air, touch lives and liberate human from the clutches of complaint and unpleasantness. I wish to uncomplicate.

We all need relationships, to survive, to flourish and to live a better life. We all need to be loved and to love people whom we care for… But, something goes
wrong somewhere and we lose very important part of our being. Sometimes without reason, sometimes WE are the reason. We wish, We goof up, We miss,
We crave, We lose, We get upset… We wish to repair – regain – rework… It is just that most of us don’t know how to!

My thoughts may give you a ray of hope… My experiences may offer you some solutions which you may not have been able to find on your own. I am a
third person… who may have the third dimension.

World around us is full of Question Marks, Let us get to gather and find some answers to happiness, to contentment.

KEY 2 KAAJAL is not any magic.

It is not any capsule that promises any instant change. I am here to extend my care, clarity and cosmic connect for being the route to simple solution of life.

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